Health Insurance, A Serious Topic For You, Expatriates

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One of the most sensitive concerns for you or any person is, without doubt, the issue of private health insurance.
Many falsely believe that they are free of any medical risks and that these risks do not generate financial worries or consequences. Unfortunately this way of thinking is no longer realistic.

No one is immune against a serious illness or an unexpected accident. These financial risks are much higher than people dare to imagine.

Major hospitals are private enterprises that do not carry the social notion of free treatment and, without a good health insurance plan, you are exposed to two paramount challenges :

  1. The hospital can refuse your treatment if you cannot place a financial guarantee.
  2. The financial guarantee is inadequate.

It is important that you bear in mind the following rules:

  1. Do not wait until you get seriously ill. It might be too late to be accepted by any insurer.
  2. Do not wait until you have passed the age of 65, since most insurers will refuse to accept you after 65.
  3. Choose a life-time product which covers you for your entire life, if you apply before the age of 65.
  4. Avoid anglo-saxon insurance products, since they have many pitfalls if you have recurring illnesses or generate high medical expenses.
  5. Choose a product with French jurisdiction, whereby health insurance contracts cannot be cancelled for reason of old age or from generating high medical expenses.
  6. Also select a health insurance assistance/repatriation option, since this can save you from severe financial consequences when you need to be repatriated to your home place/country in case of an accident or illness.

This is the reason why our role as your advisor is of the essence. Our job is to help you understand the pitfalls of insurance contracts and professionally guide you through the benefits of your insurance cover.

Our team of insurance specialists will support you in the research and analysis of your needs and development of protection solutions. Whatever your needs are , we will guide you in all technical aspects of establishing risk management solutions and insurance contracts reflecting your personal risk profile.


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